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Fiber Optics Laboratory at CGCRI has a long history of research on fabrication of silica based optical fibre. The institute had initiated R&D on fibre optics in early 80's towards establishing indigenous capability of fabricating different kinds of fibre. With an initial funding from CSIR, a group of scientists, engineers and technicians came forward to build up a facility for fabricating preforms by MCVD (modified chemical vapour deposition) technique and subsequently drawing of fibres. The main focus was application oriented research with particular emphasis on optical telecommunications and photonic components. With steady success with developing fibres of various compositions and designs, both standard and special varieties, FOPD at present has emerged as a state-of-the-art laboratory for producing specialty fibres for many important applications having appreciable market potential. The R&D work on fibre development is well supported by a comprehensive characterization facility to study different optical properties. Although fabrication of specialty fibres is the foundation of all fibre based research in the laboratory, it has expanded its activities in a number of key areas in the field of optical communication, fiber lasers and Bragg grating sensors. A strong activity on nonlinear optics including supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fibre has been initiated. It maintains active and effective collaborations with industries and academic institutions in India and abroad.

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