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The activity of ceramic membrane started in 1993-94 in this institute. Ceramic Membrane Division was came to existance on December, 2004 and building was constructed in June, 2007. The Division achieved international recognition when it organized "International Conference on Catalysis in Membrane Reactors" (ICCMR8) during 18-21, Dec., 2007.

The R&D activities primarily focused on development of low cost ceramic membranes in tubular configuration including system design and development of prototypes for membrane based separation process.

The ceramic membrane used as support for coating of organic/inorganic materials to get desired size for specific applications at water/wastewater and gas separation process.

The Division is equipped with analytical facility for characterisation of ceramic materials and fluid components. It have in-house facility for fabrication of ceramic hollow fiber, zeolite composite, Pd coating, high temperature gas separation, silicon carbide composite membranes etc.

The Division managed 38 projects including 6 international collaboration till date and currently have 4 ongoing projects. Currently division has 4 scientist and 1 technician.

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