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The Bioceramics & Coating Division is a multidisciplinary research group whose mission is to develop materials, devices, implants and approaches for biomedical applications. Our research activities are targeted to provide state-of-the-art healthcare to all segments of Indian population primarily at ‘affordable cost’. Our technologies are aligned to national missions such as Swasthya Bharat, Make in India and Innovate in India. The division is among few forerunners in the country involved in developing materials and devices for biomedical applications.

We strongly believe in collaborative research and through effective alliance programs, that include close association of scientists, technologists, surgeons and industries, we actively work on research project that translate into effective healthcare products. With this ideology our research group has developed ceramic femoral head articulating against standard polyethylene of hip joint prosthesis. This product has been clinically tested followed by commercialization. Currently, we are working on new ceramic matrix composite for ceramic-on-ceramic articulating system for Total Hip Arthroplasty. To improve osseointegration of metallic implants we have developed bioactive hydroxyapatite (HAp) coating using plasma spraying and these coatings have been tested clinically. Other commercial biomedical products developed by the division include bioglass coatings, bioactive ceramic scaffolds with controlled porosity characteristics, calcium phosphate granules (single and biphasic) for dental and orthopaedic applications and hydroxyapatite based integrated orbital implant. Other important materials for biomedical applications that are currently under development include ceramic composites, hard coatings, bioglass and nanopowder for drug delivery. In addition to healthcare section, our division is developing ceramic components such as high-temperature, non-shrinkable ceramic potting material, freestanding diamond windows and diamond rods for supports in helix traveling-wave tube (TWT), as a part of India’s contribution towards International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) program.

The division has developed 11 technologies, commercialized 9 technologies and received two best technology awards from Government of India. We currently hold 23 patents including 2 USA and Japan patents. Currently, the division has research funding of ₹ 489 million (USD 7.69 million) during 2012 – 2018 and the divisional members include 7 scientists, 8 technical staff, 17 students (10 Ph.D.; 2 M.Tech; 5 Project staff).

We believe that every citizen of India should have access to high-quality healthcare irrespective of their economical ability.

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