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Sanitary & Plumbing Works
KOLKATA - 700 032

List of Enlisted contractors (value of works upto Rs.5 lacs for Sanitary & Plumbing works) with effect from 18.8.2010 to 17.8.2013.

Sl. No. Name & address of contractor Sl. No. Name & address of contractor
1. M/s. Dey Enterprise
20, North Phool Bagan, P.O. Baghajatin, Kolkata-700 086
Contact No. 9830076254
9. M/s. Arun Chatterjee
9/4 Garfa Manasatala Road,
Kolkata-700 075
Contact No. 9432391977
2. M/s. S.A. Enterprise
46, APC Road, Kolkata-700009
Contact No. 2354-1133/2352-2078, 9830241131/9331904070
10. M/s. Dutta Enterprise
196, Ajoy Nagar (Santoshpur)
1st Road, Kolkata-700 075
Contact No. 033-2426-0503, 9903005064
3. M/s. M.R. Enterprise
4, Kalabagan Lane, Tollygunge, Kolkata-700 033
Contact No. 2422-0181, 9830583972
11. M/s. Majumder Construction
1/13E, Chittaranjan Colony, Jadavpur, Kolkata-700 032
Contact No. 033-2425-2850, 9433115306
4. M/s. Escon India
43/2 Panchanan Dey Road, Jadavpur Kolkata-700 032
Contact No. 2425-3707, 9433176325
12. M/s. Lokenath Enterprises
3G/2, Naskar Para Lane, Dhakuria, Kolkata-700 031
Contact No. 9830081341
5. M/s. Jupiter Enterprise
1/3 Moni Mukherjee Road,
1st Floor, West Portion, Ballygunge, Kolkata-700 019
Contact No. 2440-3319, 9432098436
13. M/s. Umreecon
1, Netaji Subhas Road, 2nd Floor, Kolkata-700 001
Contact No. 2248-8756, 2248-4281, 9830057503
6. M/s. I.D. Construction
9, Baikuntha Chatterjee Lane,
Howrah-711 101
Contact No. 033-6522-6617, 9830327201/9830077674
14. M/s. Sri Satrughna Patra
470, West Rajapur, Jadavpur, Kolkata-700 032
Contact No. 033-6455-3524, 9830859726
7. M/s. Newedge Nirman Pvt. Ltd.
5th Floor, AA/45 VIP Road, Kolkata-700 059
Contact No. 033-2570-7391, 9331840096
15. M/s. Priya Enterprises
104/C, Kotrung Dharmatala Lane, P.O. Hind Motor, Dist- Hooghly,
Contact No. 9231973257
8. M/s. Universal Construction Co.
Vill: Sitagachi, P.O. Mathurapur,
Dist. 24 Parganas (S), W.B., / 140D,
Sarat Ghosh Garden Rd., Kol-31
Contact No. 2405-2032, 9433392502
16. M/s. P.C. Gope
4/60 Bijoygarh, Kolkata-700 032
Contact No. 2412-1837, 9836507771

Terms & conditions:
  1. The enlisted contractors will be eligible to obtain the tender notice for Civil/Electrical/Sanitary & Plumbing/Pest Control/Job Contract works up to estimated cost of 5 lakhs for a period of 3 years.
  2. You will be required to deposit Earnest Money with each Tender/Quotation as per terms and conditions laid down in the tender notice/documents.
  3. You should give the details of supervisors, labours (name, father’s name, age, address etc.) alongwith an ID card with photograph from your end before starting any work at CGCRI for identification by our security personnel.
  4. Security Deposit/Performance Guarantee will be recovered from the bills in accordance with the terms of the tender from time to time.
  5. Your performance with regard to quality and promptness in execution of jobs will be evaluated by the Engineering Services Division of CGCRI. In the event of finding poor quality workmanship and unacceptable delay in execution of jobs your enlistment may be treated as cancelled at the sole discretion of the competent authority of CGCRI.
  6. You should intimate the change of your address & phone numbers etc. if any, in future immediately after such changes. Otherwise your name will be liable to be cancelled from the enlistment list.
  7. If you fail to attend tendering three times consecutively, your candidature will be reviewed and you may not be considered for enlistment in future also.
  8. You will have to submit the renewal documents viz. requisite parts of Supervisory Competency Certificate., Electrical contractor’s licence, VAT, ESI, EPF, PAN, Trade Licence etc. once in a year or on demand for verification and record. Discontinuation of engagement of your electrical supervisor will be liable to cancellation of your enlistment.
  9. Your enlistment may be cancelled without any notice for any of the following reasons:
    • Failure in tendering to observe the instructions given in tender forms including schedule thereto.
    • Failure to perform a contract or contracts satisfactorily and in accordance with the contractual obligations.
    • Withdrawal of offer/discontinuation of work in the mid-way.
    • If found unsuitable for being entrusted with government work on the basis of police investigation report.
    • Unsatisfactory & undesirable conducts on the part of contractor affecting the normal activities of the Institute.
    • Fatal accident for the contractor workers due to the negligence on the part of the contractor.
    • Involvement in the activities detrimental to the interest of the Institute.
    • Bad workmanship resulting in poor quality of work.
    • Delay in execution of work on account of your negligence.
    • Failure on your part to safeguard Institute’s property against theft & pilferage.
  10. You shall have to follow all Central Govt., State Govt. & Statutory Acts, Rules & Regulations.
  11. You shall be responsible for Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970 to be followed by the contractor during the execution of work.
  12. You will be solely responsible for any accident that may occur during the progress of the work and also for injury to person during execution of work. In the event of any such accident the contractor will be responsible and must pay proper compensation for the same as the workman’s Compensation Act 1923 (wherein the Employee’s State Insurance Act 1948 is not applicable).
  13. No Labour of minor age shall be employed in the work.
  14. Statutory minimum wages to all the categories of labour to be paid as per notification issued by the appropriate authority of Govt. of India from time to time.
  15. You will be required to have sufficient technical personnel during quotation and submitting tenders as per general rules and directions of the Institute & also for supervision of works, you shall have to employ one licensed supervisor having sufficient experience during execution of Electrical works.
  16. Although this enlistment for a period of 3 years but this may remain valid till finalisation of the next enlistment or further review, at the soul discretion of the Institute Authority.
  17. Director, CGCRI reserves the right to cancel the enlistment without assigning any reason thereof.

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