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Expression of Interest for Incubation Activities on Silicon Nitride EM Window
CSIR-CGCRI has been engaged in developing several technologies which caters to key National initiatives and has sizeable market in niche applications in India and abroad. One such technology is silicon nitride based electromagnetic (EM) window.

In this area, shaping the green job from powder precursor and subsequent fabrication of the sintered ceramic object has been proven upto a considerable extent. The requisite properties have been achieved at small scale, but needs to be achieved at larger scale. There is an imminent requirement of handholding with prospective industries as part of ongoing initiatives for incubation of the above technology.

Industries interested in participating in the incubation activity on the above, may apply to Director, CSIR-CGCRI furnishing the following information and may send their intent to Head, Project Management Division, CSIR-Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkata – 700 032(E-mail: sitendum@cgcri.res.in and pmd@cgcri.res.in) in the format:

  1. Name of the Technology of Interest.
  2. Name of Company:
  3. Name and Designation of Contact Person:
  4. Corresponding Address with Telephone Number and E-mail id:
  5. Website Address
  6. Products/Services handled
  7. Annual Turnover of last three years (enclose audited balance sheets) [Concessions as applicable to start-ups and MSME would be available in deserving cases] (As of CSIR and Govt. of India’s MSMS and Start-up India Policy)
  8. Details of Income Tax registration, sales tax registration, service tax registration etc.
  9. PAN number
  10. Available Technical Manpower
  11. Briefly state why you are interested in the technology

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