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Publication & Informatics
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Regular Publications


Annual Reports

This is a statutory publication that highlights the key functions of the institute and also features the broad R&D metrics within which the institutional activities operate.
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Annual R & D Output

This compilation summarizes the institutional R & D output in terms of publication and patents, seggregated year-wise.
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CSIR-CGCRI Newsletter

Published four times a year, the Newsletters are envisaged to provide a 360 degree coverage of the institutional activities.
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R&D Statistics 2019

This compilation provides an overview of institutional research output in terms of publications, patents, technologies transferred etc. against the input indicators such as funds flow, human capital and so on. It adopts a calendar year approach that is corrected up to the immediately preceding year. With a significant use of infographics, the Statistics endeavors to provide an overarching landscape of the institutional outcomes for the public at large.
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Featured Publications

Science and Technology of Glass and Ceramics – A CSIR Story

Published to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the institute, this coffee table book traces the evolution of the laboratory since its formative years and underpins the key initiatives and outcomes that have contributed to raise the institute to global acclaim. This is a must-read for anyone interested to learn about CSIR-CGCRI.
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Looking Through the Glass – A Photo Compilation

Marking completion of 50 years, this photo collection is an invaluable album that traces the grown of the institute over the decades.
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History and Technological Status of Khurja Pottery Cluster

Traditional ceramics comprise an important area of endemic livelihood option for a significant section of Indian populace. CSIR-CGCRI Outreach Centre at Khurja has contributed to upliftment of SMEs and local potters dealing with traditional ceramic potters. This book provides a review of the history of pottery industry, pottery clusters, potter families and technological changes in Khurja. This project has been sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.
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Clusters and Industrial Development

CSIR-CGCRI was chosen as the single-window of CSIR for West Bengal to enhance technology capability of the MSME sector. This report provides an overview of the programme that covers the phase of mapping and identification of felt needs of MSME clusters spread out across the state.
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Business Information Resource

Compendium of CSIR-CGCRI Technologies

Annotated list of recent CSIR-CGCRI technologies that are available for transfer. It also includes knowledgebase at advanced stages of development that could be translated through industry participation.
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CSIR-CGCRI: An Overview

This compilation provides an overview of institutional achievements, performance indicators and institutional offerings.
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R&D Domain Summaries

Provides a snapshot and summary of CSIR-CGCRI knowledgebase in the domains of fibre optics, photonics, specialty glass, non-oxide ceramics, fuel cells, ceramic membrane technologies, sensors, bioceramics and refractories.
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Provides a convenient downloadable zipped folder of all the above resources including some additional information on clientele, guidelines to approach
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